Saturday, December 15, 2012

Book 36: All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin

I have wanted read a book by him for a long time - I imagined it would be witty but right on point. I imagined his ideas would in some ways blow me away, making me say over and over, "yes, that's it!" Perhaps my expectations were too high...

I liked it. And his thesis, as he calls it, about the world of marketing and the authentic vs. the in-authentic is very good. His position is pretty accurate - to market yourself (person, organization, business, idea, etc.) then you have to tell a story that fits into the frame work of people's already constructed worldview. That hopping on a bandwagon or attempting to alter someone's position is pretty much a waste of time.


Where I got caught was in wanting more ... substance. I wanted a little of that "how to" guide to come along somewhere but it never showed up. I wanted him to write about where to go from here, what signs to look for, and how not to fall into that trap other than, "don't do this.."

In all I think the book could have been a few chapters shorter. Sorry Mr. Godin, I really was rooting for your position! What do you think? Of course, you have to read it first.


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