Friday, November 2, 2012

Book 20: Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

A new goal is to read his entire series, because they just keep getting better. I read his book, "Automatic Millionaire" as my book #8, which was phenomenal! However, this little number had more...guts. And I loved it.

This is not only a read for women, if you are married to a woman I recommend you too read it, perhaps alongside her.

Mr. Bach breaks down some pretty impressive numbers about the amount of money spent within women owned businesses every year and how many jobs us ladies provide within these businesses; he also breaks down that women are little more patient with their investments thus gaining the full potential of this magical thing called compound interest.

I personally loved his call to action to first declare your values around what money can bring to your life and then get serious about your organization! For example, do you have in one convenient place your previous seven tax returns, retirement account statements, social security benefits, investment accounts, savings statements, household accounts, debt, insurance, and your family will or trust?

Don't worry, me either, but I am now working on them! Mr. Bach breaks down how to create this and where to find everything you need to even have these types of investments! He even breaks down how to reach your children about money and how to save smartly for their college education.

The best part: in less than 1 week of reading this book and having a couple crucial conversations you can be on your way to a substantial retirement without much fuss or muss.

But first you have to read it.


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