Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book 21: Endless Referrals by Bob Burg

You may recognize Bob, he is the author of the Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More series. I have been meaning to read this particular book for oh ... 3 years. Oops. What was stopping me? I knew it was filled with big action steps that would move me out of my comfort zone - and I was right.

His Endless Referral System is based on the principle that givers receive more than those who do not give. But you can't just give to receive, you must give to give. And this is a crucial point! Your goal is not to have others sell for you, your goal is for others to send people your direction so you can genuinely serve them.

How? Make others feel great, ask good questions, get to the root of what they need, and set out on a mission to actually find those things or people for them. Sound like too much? Well, have a look at your current business or bank statements and I think your give to get attitude will speak for itself.

Sorry, too much?

Endless Referrals and the Go-Giver are two sides of the same coin - I believe his concept outlined in Endless Referrals is good but has a sense of textbook about it. The Go-Giver is a different approach to the same content and I think that's why it was so much better a read - it's emotional and tells a fantastic story. Endless Referrals is a very long how-to guide. Which perhaps you prefer!

Regardless, I have a nice little list of action steps I will be implementing this week. And if I am to take away just one thing, then my reading time was well spent. Read it.


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