Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book 26: The 7 Levels of Communication by Michael Maher

For any one who sells anything to anyone - read this book. Yet another book that tricked me into thinking via the title I was going to read about communication, well not exactly. The actual 7 levels Mr. Maher refers to are:

7. 1-on-1 meetings
6. Events and seminars
5. Phone Calls
4. Handwritten Notes
3. Email
2. Direct Mail
1. Advertising

Levels 1-3 are information zones.
Level 4 is the tipping point.
Levels 5-7 are influential zones.

By doing business from levels 4-7 alone, you can increase your active referral base and solely grow your business without spending a penny on ads or mail campaigns. I love it.

As a business owner you learn one lesson pretty quickly - cash is king. The more if it you can keep the better you are. And with 1-3% returns on most ad campaigns they are more of a liability than a wise investment.

The levels only account for 3 pages of the entire book - the other 164 pages are filled with strategies to implement the upper levels of influence. Want a quick sampling? Here it goes:

  • Plan your day and block your time the night before
  • Be ritualistic with your day, from start to end. Don't forget your affirmations and blessings book
  • First thing in the morning call 10 people from your community of people, just to say hello
  • Write Power notes every day and don't forget an actionable P.S.
  • Get in front of your ambassadors monthly and turn friends into champions
  • Memorize key questions for getting your community to think about sending you clients
  • Give, give, give - your time, your listening ear, your genuine interest of others
  • Use strategic success stories on your blog, social media, on post cards, and in your power notes
This is only a sampling - and to even decipher what it all means I highly recommend you read it. 


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  1. That a terrific synopsis of (7L) Andrea! Thank you for reading and thank you for being so dedicated to self-education in the spirit of sharing and helping others. Please let me know how I can help.



    1. Thank you Michael for stopping by and reading my blog! You are my first commenter and I was rather taken back when I read that you had left such a kind comment for me.

      I want to read your book again and imagine I am being coached as I go through each step - getting outside my comfort zone and getting in touch with people everyday is where I get stuck. What suggestions do you have for getting out of my own way?

      Thank you again for stopping by, and for authoring such a useful book!