Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book 19: Instant Influence by Michael V. Pantalon, PhD

More times over book titles are tricking me! Similar to Crucial Conversations, I expected a book filled with psychological influence and how to encourage and influence those around you to (well...) follow your influence.

Just like with Crucial Conversations, not exactly.

Instant Influence is based on a 6-step, 7-minute conversation directed at moving someone you wish to make a change to actually making it. The conversations is not focused on results, rather around motivations and behaviors as a result of those motivations.

The 6 Steps are:

  1. Why might you change?
  2. How ready are you to change on a scale from 1-10?
  3. Why didn't you pick a lower number?
  4. Imagine you've changed, what is the positive outcome?
  5. Why are those outcomes important?
  6. What's the next step, if any?
Now, before you run off trying to influence those around you, read the book :) Mr. Pantalon takes the reader through the how this conversation is effective and what signs around change motivation to look for and use as your gauge for effectiveness.

As a life coach myself, this book is life coaching in a teeny-tiny nutshell. Autonomy, motivation, influence, reason, and forwarding the action. Now I spent 12 months in a coaching program and I am seeing an interesting sub-set of coaching-styled books and concepts in almost everything I read. I am starting to wonder, what came first? Something Mr. Pantalon, among many others, hounds on is the power of "why". Our Why Power is the reason for change even having a place in our lives. It gets to the core, quick. However, in my coach training the word 'why' is forbidden! 


That is a tangent, but my point is that I think every author is onto something and this book is right up their with the power of motivation to bring about change. 


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