Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book 35: The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

Typically when I pick up a non-fiction book of this degree I can't seem to put it down - well I put this one down a lot for four days. Hmm. Not to say that the content was not rich or not intriguing. It was. And not to say that he doesn't have a strong voice or a sharp position. He does.

For a book with love right there in the title I don't totally love it.

The concept as a whole is fantastic and reminded me a little bit of The Power of Now - that the future or the past is an illusion because it lives in memory. Mr. Ruiz calls this the dream and says that the dream is in charge unless we wake up and take power back over our present selves.

That in order to truly love and be loved you must accept, forgive, and respect the self and then you are capable of truly loving another.

Maybe I just like books with sections, numbered thoughts, or a breakdown in concepts. This felt like a ramble, a good ramble, but the stream of thought just was not consistent for me.

Although I of course recommend you read it.


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