Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book 34: Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

Similar confession to my previous post - I have already read this one too. But you see, my profession has evolved since I last read this one and it helps with, as my friend would say, with all your pieces.

For you business owners reading this - the who, what, why, how, etc. of you and the work you do.

I actually loved it as much the second time as I did the first. Either Mr. Port is an action taker or reads a lot and has a difficult time implementing (doubt it on that latter one) because each chapter comes with a plethora of action taking steps. And see as a life coach, we geek out over those sorts of things.

The Book Yourself Solid System is primarily for service professionals, however you certainly don't need to be your own boss as a service professional to gain something from it's contents. He keeps it simple in breaking down how to get to the heart of what you really do, how to talk about it, how to put it on paper, and how to share it so it can build on itself into a snowballing referral system.

Nice, huh? Oh, you don't geek out on business?

Well for those of you who do, read it!


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