Sunday, October 14, 2012

Book 10: Triple Your Reading Speed by Wade E. Cutler

I liked 1/3 of this book - I enjoyed that Mr. Cutler shows you how to calculate your reading speed, how to preview a new book, and how to calculate your estimated completion of that book depending on your current words per minute speed. I liked his two primary means for increasing your speed - peripheral vision and for a lack of a better term, "chunking" it down.

My only discrepancy was in his means for helping the reader excel - the book includes several excerpt's from various readings or publications followed by a comprehension test. It just felt like...high school and my ability to do well plummeted.

I personally think that we all have individual book likes and dislikes - I enjoy personal growth and development books and others can't get enough romance series. This absolutely alters how you enjoy reading and what capacity you take in the information.

His Two-Step method was great and I will now be reading not word for word, rather in two separate line chunks that get processed as whole pieces          
as opposed to word for word lines. This allows for you peripheral 
vision to comprehend each line          
without needed to read at the slow rate at which we speak. 
Regardless of my distaste for some           
of his means for teaching the material, 
by overall reading speed increased from 306 wpm to                
490 wpm in a matter of an hour or so. Not bad. I rather liked that part. Read it, quickly.


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