Sunday, October 14, 2012

Book 9: Like a Virgin by Richard Branson

I figured since he has ... a few successful companies it would be worth my while to read his thoughts on being a business mogul. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed his perspective. Some of his concepts were exactly what I expected - have fun, take risks, and go out on a limb.

But a few others I was pleasantly surprised to read about - values ARE the brand, customers ARE the brand, and your team members ARE your brand. That's it!

How has he been able to successfully move into more than 8 sectors of business that have all grossed over 1 billion each? By knowing what he stands for and using it as the only filter for attainment. They may not seem to have much in common - music, flight, trains, health clubs, money, travel. However this hidden link is experience and impact.

Forget the cash, his entrepreneurial intuition is all about impact - leaving a consumer and the world better off than when he found them. Rather refreshing if you ask me.

His employees come first because his employees are his brand ambassadors - they are 100% responsible for delivering the Virgin brand to each and every person his 50,000 team members come into contact with. Yes he has policies and regulations to protect his assets, but his customers ARE his assets, therefore the way they are treated and the way his team is educated in how to treat them is where the magic lives. Phew.

I like you Sir Richard Branson. And I look forward to, ironically, being on one of your flights tomorrow. Read it.


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