Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book 13: Goals! by Brian Tracy

Love. This. Book. Read it. I know, I don't usually pronounce that at the beginning, but this piece of work, these 278 pages, are brilliant.

I was not too sure as this was my follow-up to book #12 which I was not the biggest fan of - Goals! blew me away. Again, read it.

To be expected, there were snippets about going forward to move forward - meaning in order to achieve go to your end point and work backwards. We have all heard this before, and if you have not it is a powerful exercise. However, from page 40 forward Mr. Tracy beckons the reader to challenge everything you know about goal setting and attainment.

There is no question about it, goal setting to a minute degree is the only separator between the successful and the unsuccessful. What is a minute degree? He recommends goal setting every morning - write down in a special notebook your 10 goals for the next 12 months. Tomorrow write your list again without referring to the previous day. Continue on this path indefinitely. You can then go through each item, each day, and list 3 action steps per goal. Taking action on just one item is 250 steps toward your ultimate goal every year. Multiply that by the 10 goals per day and you have taken ... 2,500 steps in one single year toward attaining your 10 goals. Whoa!

Sound like a lot of work? That's because it is. See, this whole notion of success being about "luck", you know, being in the right place at the right time? Well, that is 1,000% totally and completely false. Period.

Luck is what unsuccessful people see as standing between them and their desires. But what you don't know is that successful people take actionable steps towards their very detailed goals every single day. They don't get excited to go home at 5pm. They are grateful for the impact they leave and work they perform on a daily basis - minute to minute. Do you feel this "lucky"? If not, time to have a little face to face chat with no one other than yourself.

My favorite part, where it got really good, was his unveiling of our superconscious mind. You have heard of this before, perhaps referred to as "the secret", the "superego", the "oversoul", the "third dimension of thought", the "supra conscious", and my new favorite from none other than Mr. Napoleon Hill, "infinite intelligence". Doesn't it just feel good to say out loud?

How do you uncover your magical powers that are within the superconscious? With a complete conviction for daily visualization and opportunity recognition. Repeat that to yourself a few times through.

I really could keep going but what I really want you to do is stop reading this post and read the book. Read it.


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